28 January 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Bossed Up by Tamar Huggins

Bossed Up is the indispensable owner’s manual to spearheading your potential and becoming the most fascinating and fulfilled version of yourself.

This book provides 100 Boss Truths to guide you in becoming your own boss the way God intended. It links key biblical stories with the personal failures and triumphs of an award-winning entrepreneur.

Bossed Up was created as a guide to help you work through the inevitable dilemmas you will face on your journey toward becoming your own boss. As you read along you will begin to move forward with intention, as you become more aware of your God-given talents and purpose as a business leader.


Boss Truth #20

“For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.” (Matthew 25:29)

The Parable of the Talents is a story about the use and underuse of gifts and talents. The parable tells us the talents were distributed “to each according to his own ability.” We all don’t have the same abilities, but each one of us has our own, and each one of us has responsibility to use the abilities we have been given. The story begins with a man who was given five talents – he worked with what he had, used them all, and gained five more. Likewise, the man with only two talents, worked with the little he had and gained two more talents. Lastly there was the man given one talent, who did absolutely nothing with it. The servant’s master was upset with the one-talent man, not because he didn’t develop as many talents as the others, but because he had done nothing with what he was given.

I believe you have amazing gifts inside you, but some are afraid to explore and add to them because of the fear of failure. Some people compare themselves to others who are multi-talented, and are convinced they can never be like them. The truth is, the Lord will never expect you to do more than what you are able–only to do the best with what He has given you. Don’t worry about others around you–focus on yourself. If you have that one thing going for you, work it like nobody’s business.

Complete the Bossed Up self assessment at www.bossedup.ca/YOU and identify the ingredients in your special sauce.

Find out your potential, strengths and weaknesses. Start to take on what you’re ready for and maximize your productivity by learning how your unique traits can bring you success!

Award-Winning Entrepreneur Tamar Huggins
Teaches Readers to Achieve Business Success
Using Godly Principles in Bossed Up.

Huggins, author of Bossed Up and founder of Canada’s first tech school for inner city youth Tech Spark builds a framework for readers to discover their purpose and unlock their full potential.
According to Huggins, “The most powerful way to empower someone, is to show them their highest value”. Huggins a wildly ambitious entrepreneur, speaker and author, shares 100 epic truths to becom­ing your own boss, the way God intended.
Huggins provides transformative advice to help readers spearhead their business challenges (including overcoming fear and self-sabotage, identifying passion, building perseverance and family time manage­ment). Huggins links key biblical stories, with real life experiences to illustrate her points.
Readers will have the ability to power through personal barriers; develop a clear picture of their unique gifts and talents; push past failure; and find the courage to actively pursue their God given assignment as an entrepreneur.

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    1. I think it sounds like a very interesting book. I can't wait to be able to start reading it.

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    1. Thanks, Ellen. I thought it sounded like a good book, too. We have a copy to review, which hopefully we'll be able to do soon. These next 3 weeks are very overbooked for us, but we'll get it done.

      Have a blessed day!


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