30 April 2016

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016 Post Index

Below are the links to all of my A to Z Blogging Challenge 2016 posts.

A is for Abernathy, Lee Roy
B is for Bass and Big Chief
C is for Crumpler, Denver
D is for "Days of Elijah"
E is for Everybody Ought to Know
F is for Fourth Man
G is for God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds
H is for Hess, Jake
I is for If We Never Meet Again
J is for Jim Hill
K is for Kendrick, Bervin
L is for Lister, Hovie
M is for Mosie Lister
N is for It is No Secret
O is for Ott, Sgt. Doy Willis
P is for Presley, Elvis
Q is for Quintessential
R is for Rozell, Roland "Rosie"
S is for Say a Prayer
T is for Toney, Jack
U is for Unique
V is for RCA Victor
W is for Where No One Stands Alone
X is for Extra Strong
Y is for Younce, George
Z is for Żegnaj

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A to Z Challenge Coming to a Close

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Z is for Żegnaj


" Żegnaj" is the Polish word for "good-bye". We're at the end of this challenge and it has been great!

I have looked everywhere for a clear recording of "the perfect quartet" singing Goodbye, World, Goodbye. I have not been able to find one. However, I did find this later version of The Statesmen Quartet. I believe that it is Hovie Lister on the piano as he was one of the very last remaining Statesmen. I can very clearly hear Jake Hess as lead. I do not know who the others are in this version.

Goodbye, World, Goodbye

Now, as I type this in April 2016, all of the greats of the perfect quartet are singing around that Heavenly piano, all together again.

Denver Crumpler 1912-1957
Jim "Big Chief" Wetherington 1922-1973
Doy Ott 1919-1986
Hovie Lister 1926-2001
Jake Hess 1927-2004

"The Perfect Quartet"
The Statesmen Quartet sing "May the Good Lord Bless You"

Rest in peace, guys! I can't wait to hear you in person!

29 April 2016

Y is for Younce, George


George Younce was born in Lenoir, North Carolina, on 22 February 1930. He was a teenager when he joined his first quartet, which was the Spiritualaires. After he left the Army (he was a paratrooper, how cool is that?), he was in several musical groups. A few of those are: The Blue Ridge Quartet; The Watchmen; and The Weatherford Quartet.

I was first introduced to George Younce through a Cathedrals video. He joined the Cathedrals in 1964, the year before I was born. He was at one time considered Southern Gospel's Favorite Bass singer. Well, by now you probably all know who my favorite bass singer is - Jim "Big Chief" Wetherington of The Statesmen Quartet - but George Younce does a pretty good job of it, too. During his many years in the music business, he earned multiple awards.

Like many other singers, George was also a songwriter. One of his classic songs is "Yesterday". Another thing that he did that I thought was pretty cool was provide the voices for characters in children's videos called Gaither's Pond, which were produced by Bill Gaither.

George Younce died 11 April 2005 in Stow, Ohio, of kidney and heart problems.

Here are The Cathedrals singing "Yesterday".


Find a Grave
Wikipedia - George Younce
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