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This blog is titled in honor of my great-grandmother Annie Black Gunter. My name, Suzanne, was chosen because my daddy wanted to honor his grandmother and her sister Suzie. It is a tribute to all who have gone on before me.

It is titled P.S. because, after the good-byes are said and the leaving is done, there's always just one more thing that I meant to say. So, this blog is a depository for things left unsaid, much like the P.S. at the end of a letter.

PS Annie! is a blog about family and life. As I dig deeper still into my own family history, there will be more genealogy-themed posts. For fun, I also participate in various memes and linkies. I appreciate your feedback very much.

I hope that you enjoy your visit here!

Your sis in Christ,

PS! All comments will be responded to via the blog and, on occasion, via e-mail. I am a faulty human and may miss responding sometimes or be very late in responding. Please forgive me for that. I do appreciate each comment and visit very much!

27 August 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2014: #33

Everyday Ruralty


Please tell me something you have done recently that was really fun.

That's easy! Because of a memorial that I made to my uncle and his wife that were murdered in 1977, my long, lost cousin who was born in Germany found me and through me, found his American brother and sisters. THIS is what family history and genealogy can help us to do, to bring families together again, and keep future generations connected. It can help answer questions, fill in missing pieces of the puzzle, and bring about loads more happiness than I can express!

Do you worry about any issues regarding food/food quality/food production?

Yes. I worry about the poisons that are put onto the foods and onto the fields to grow the foods and about the chemicals/hormones put into the animals to make them more marketable for our dinner plates. I think natural pest control and companion planting are much better ways to deal with the problems. I don't like the idea of the government monkeying with the food supply in ways that make it less safe for all of us.

Have you painted any of your walls with colors other than white, beige, or tan?

No, but I would love to have a kitchen with a red wall in it!

What is your favorite way to have a hamburger? If you do not eat meat, what is your favorite sandwich?

I like them well-done, almost to the point of being burnt, but not burnt. I like them with chili, mustard, and onions AND lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. When I have ordered them that way at restaurants, I get really funny looks from the order-taker. :)

Please finish this sentence. If I could, I'd like to play_____________________. This could be a musical instrument, a part in a play- use your imagination. :)

When I was a little girl, I wanted to learn to play the violin. By the time I got to high school, I wanted to learn to play the saxophone. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano, too. None of those things happened and it is too late for me to try now. The saxophone was out of reach for me to start with; I don't have the lung power necessary to play it and didn't, even back in high school. But, it would have been so much fun!

Photoshop Help, Please!

I am working on a Photoshop template project and I need a few folks to test the template for me as well as offer feedback on the instructions that I wrote for using the template.

The first five people to respond to this post in the comment section will be sent the template and instructions. The file is just under 8mb.

This is a practice template for me with nothing fancy. I am hoping that will change in time. :)

So, any takers? Would any of you be willing to help me get this figured out?

Thanks in advance!

Your sis in Christ,
Suz aka "Annie"

Here is what I did with it using some of our family photos.

24 August 2014

Chatterbug College: Social Studies - Hometown

I was born in Anderson, South Carolina during the summer of 1965. My daddy was born there, my grandpa was born there and a few zillion other members of my family were born there, including our surviving children.

Anderson is located in the Northwestern corner of the state where South Carolina borders with Georgia, which also has a good bit of my family's history contained within its borders. Anderson has four distinct seasons, but doesn't always get snow in the wintertime. As I've gotten older, it seems that the snow times have gotten fewer. However, it seems like since we moved out here to Texas, they've gotten more snow back home than they ever did while I was there. So unfair! :)

I lived in South Carolina until 2004, so until just after I turned 39 years old. My first birthday in Texas was my 40th birthday.

What I love about Anderson County, South Carolina, is the family history there and the beautiful scenery. It has a rolling landscape, not flat as a pancake everywhere for miles. When the fall comes, the leaves on the trees change colors and it is an awesomely beautiful site, most especially in the mountains. No matter where I turn, something involving my family is there.

No matter where my life's journey takes me, South Carolina will always have my heart.

Please be sure to visit Chatterbug College to join in the assignments!

20 August 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2014: #32

Everyday Ruralty


What are you most looking forward in the remaining months of 2014?

I am looking forward to our daughters having safe semesters at school and for our Davey to make it safely back home from Marine boot camp.

Tell us about the last movie you saw, or book you read.

I think the last movie that I saw was Frozen, but we watched it via DVD here at home, not at the theater. It was an interesting movie, but really very sad.

Do you ever make smoothies or juice?

The last time we tried it turned out icky and we haven't tried it again.

Who do you wish you could talk to right now?

I really wish that I could talk to my Grandma and Grandpa Spence. The embassy told a lie on them to my cousin and I really would like to hear their side of things.

Please finish this sentence. "If I could spend a week in a lovely cabin in the mountains I would like to_______________________."

I would like that lovely cabin to be back home in the Blue Ridge Mountains along the parkway. I would like to take photographs of the gorge with all of the beautiful fall colors, colors that we don't see out here in the fall.

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