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This blog is titled in honor of my great-grandmother Annie Black Gunter. My name, Suzanne, was chosen because my daddy wanted to honor his grandmother and her sister Suzie. It is a tribute to all who have gone on before me.

It is titled P.S. because, after the good-byes are said and the leaving is done, there's always just one more thing that I meant to say. So, this blog is a depository for things left unsaid, much like the P.S. at the end of a letter.

PS Annie! is a blog about family and life. As I dig deeper still into my own family history, there will be more genealogy-themed posts. For fun, I also participate in various memes and linkies. I appreciate your feedback very much.

I hope that you enjoy your visit here!

Your sis in Christ,

PS! All comments will be responded to via the blog and, on occasion, via e-mail. I am a faulty human and may miss responding sometimes or be very late in responding. Please forgive me for that. I do appreciate each comment and visit very much!

20 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Sunrise and Sparkles

20 October 2014

I was greeted this morning with an amazing sunrise! I wish that I could have pulled over to take a picture of it, but there were no clear shots of it. There were either trees or power lines in the way. It definitely would have been a wonderful big sky shot!

There were strips of clouds in the area where the sun was and the way it was reflecting on them, they were really sparkling. One of the first things that I thought after "wow!" was that I knew just what some "expert" photographers would say about it if I posted a picture of it. They would have said that I over sharpened it, even though I wouldn't have touched this photo up for anything. Well, not this time. Heavenly Father apparently likes the glitter gun some mornings, too.

I wish that power lines weren't always in the way of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets here!

18 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - 39 Steps, Eyes, and Epizooties

18 October 2014

Today didn't work out as planned. Not that we really had a hard and fast plan, but we didn't expect it to end with the Emergency Room.

Tonight was the final performance of 39 Steps at the school. Though Maggie enjoys the theater and being prop master, she is so tired and drug out from what appears to be a sinus infection. I think that she was glad for it to finally be the end of performance week. I took her to the school at 2pm for the work call and it was after midnight before the performance, set striking, and after party were over with.

While Mags was at the theater, we had our own bit of drama going on here. All summer long, Laynie has been dealing with what we thought were allergies in her right eye. It all came to a head...okay, an eyeball, when she woke up from her nap this afternoon to find her eye totally inflamed and stinging. I took her to the ER and they flushed her eyes. She has a scratched cornea and an infection. She has an ointment to put on her eye until she can get to an ophthalmologist. She plans to go to the eye center at the university tomorrow. She didn't want to risk missing her midterms today.

15 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - The Day After

15 October 2014

Today has been a slow day in comparison to all of the excitement when David, Jr., was home last week on boot leave. We don't really have any plans for anything beyond taking Mags to classes and back and getting Laynie for the weekend. I would gladly face driving into the city every day if it meant Davey would still be home with us.

This is performance week for the theater, so Mags has been really busy, in spite of being sick. She doesn't want to let the theater group down, so she's being a trooper. She is the prop master for this performance. She has been wearing a mask hoping not to make anyone else sick. Laynie is going to make a surprise visit at the theater and have a fun time visiting with her old friends and some new ones. I hope that traffic is cooperative when we drive into the city Friday!

There is a light rail train that runs near the university that apparently will go to the zoo. We're looking forward to that because we can park at the university and not have to fight the chaos trying to find a space at the zoo. I was ready to explode by the time we found a parking space when we went last Sunday. Then, poor David had to walk way farther than he should have before we got to the zoo entrance and he was able to get a motorized chair.

Anyway, life is back to a somewhat slower pace and will definitely slow down after this week is over and the play is behind all of us. Hopefully, both Maggie and Laynie will be able to get some rest and get to feeling better. We're all dragging a bit and missing Davey something fierce.

14 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Leaving Day

14 October 2014

Today got started very early. We left at approximately 4:30 this morning. It was probably the hardest drive of my life, driving into an uncertain future, not knowing when we'll see our son again.

We stopped at the Waffle House for a good-bye breakfast along the way. David, Jr.'s flight wasn't scheduled to depart until 9am, but we knew that we had to get ahead of rush hour traffic or we might not get him there in time. We were right. He had to be there about an hour early for the security check-in and we almost didn't make it. We got to IAH between 7:30 and 7:45am and let Davey and his baggage out at the drop-off area, then we went to find the terminal parking, which involved us driving toward the airport exit and turning back around heading for the terminal parking garage. We met back up with him at about 7:55am and it was time for him to go through security.

I snapped a few pictures and David, Sr., tried to get a video, but the video camera was having trouble focusing for some reason. My camera was having some issues of its own, but I did get an interesting impressionistic photograph at the very end. I know what Davey was wearing, so I know which blob is our boy, but that's the only reason it is clear to me!

We said our good-byes and I commenced to blubbering as he walked away, into his future. My husband and I headed on into ours, which involved getting hung up in Houston traffic for what seemed like forever due to a stalled vehicle and two accidents. One of these issues affected traffic on at least three levels of the roadway. That had to be the most exhausting drive I've ever made. Having vehicles all around me and not being able to get out of there wasn't helping my claustrophobic tendencies, either.

We finally made it back home and took a nap, but it wasn't nearly long enough. There were folks and things here that needed our attention no matter how exhausted we were, like a kitty that wanted to play Tasmanian devil, and getting Maggie from school, and various other things.

Life goes on, though very altered from the plans that I made all those years ago when I first decided to become a mommy.
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