29 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Xerk-Master

29 October 2014

Xerxes 29-Oct-2014
A couple of weeks ago, David built a combination climbing and scratching post toy for our little Xerxes. It took him a while to get used to the idea that it was made for him to scratch and climb on. Usually, he uses our chairs as scratching posts and climbs on us and anything else he can climb.

I decided one thing to do would be to hold him up to the scratching post just to see what he would do. He touched it, but then ran off to scratch on my chair. Oh well, this is going to take a while, I thought.

Sisal Rope on Xerk-Master
He has come around to the idea and likes to run up to it and grab onto the sisal rope that is wrapped around it and play with the loose end that David knotted for him as an extra plaything.

David built it using 2x4s and it is HEAVY…well, to me it is. He carries it like its nothing. :) He calls it the Xerk-Master. He may even decide to make them to sell. We're constantly thinking of ways to make it better as we watch Xerxes play on it.

The funny thing is, now that he understands it is his toy and the only thing in the house that doesn't illicit a "NO!" when he scratches it, he has become very territorial of it. David can't even pull out the measuring tape to work on the next one without Xerxes flying out of nowhere to see what Daddy is doing to HIS toy. It is very funny to watch.


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