28 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Bear Bottom and Deer

28 October 2014

Last night David and I took a drive down to a nearby area called Bear Bottom. It is a good place to go at twilight if one wants to see deer, which we did. There is one yard there in particular that is usually loaded with deer first thing in the morning. Last evening, however, we didn't see any there. We turned off of that road onto another known spot for them and hit pay dirt. There were quite a few deer there along with some dogs. The sound of our tires over the gravel disturbed the deer and little white tails started flipping around all over the place, some of them crossing the road.

I didn't get any pictures this time around, unfortunately.

This time of year we need to be especially mindful, even along the freeways, of the wildlife that share this earth with us. If we aren't, both we and the deer and other wildlife could suffer great injury. A run-in with a deer (of any size) won't do the car any favors, either!


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