30 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - Check Your Engines!

30 October 2014

An engine should purr, sure. But, this time of year our vehicle's engine could be purring for an entirely different reason.

As the weather gets cooler, little animals, especially kitties, like to crawl under the hood to get out of the wind and to warm themselves on our vehicle's engines. Over the last week or so, our little kitty, Yang, has found it to be the perfect spot to warm up on these cool mornings and a safe place to escape the neighborhood tom cats. It is, however, quite distressing to me!

I am afraid that one morning I will forget to check and we'll have a chewed up kitty. For most of the last week, I have opened the hood to find Yang sitting on the battery. Today, however, Yang was sitting right on the middle of the engine!

Please, please, before you crank your car in the mornings, take a moment to open the hood and check to be sure that you don't have any unexpected passengers warming themselves in your engine compartment!

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