07 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment: Helicopters and Toesies

7 October 2014

David, Jr., went to the school with Mags again today. He visited with some of his former teachers. He wore one of his uniforms. I think this particular uniform is called "Service Charlies". He also met a fellow that is interested in joining the Marine Corps. Having a few referrals while on leave would be good for him in that it could earn him a rank bump.

He got a remote control helicopter and went to the park to fly it. The helicopter doesn't respond well if it is facing directly into the sunlight. He had to turn it off to get the helicopter to land. Thankfully, it didn't break when it landed.

I am pretty sure that I broke the toe beside my pinky toe today. I was passing the Power Tower, not paying attention, and rammed my foot into the base of it. Now, it is pulsating a little bit, but only hurts really if I touch it. It has a nice bruise going, too.

For supper, we're having baked chicken, angel hair pasta and a blend of veggies, including zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, and cauliflower. Yummy!

Laynie called and she thinks that something bit her. She's been sick this evening. We will be driving into the city to see what we can do for her if she decides that she needs for us to come to her. Prayers appreciated for her! Thank you.

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