06 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - FaceTime and David, Jr.

6 October 2014

Today was Davey's first day back at the local college. He enjoyed visiting with a few of his former teachers and friends. Mags enjoyed having him there at the school.

His last four months have been so full of go-go-go that he wanted to just chill at the house today. After a quick trip to the Walmart for a few groceries, we came home where he played some of his computer games for awhile. At one time, he and Maggie were playing together from two separate computers. I don't know the name of the game that they were playing, but they seemed to be enjoying it.

Davey has always been our tech support and I definitely need his help with my cell phone. It is my first "smart" phone…and it is smarter than me, that's for sure! Davey has been good at this sort of thing since he was a toddler. I remember when Davey was three years old, David, Sr., was taking a computer class as part of his BBA degree program. Junior did a demonstration for this class of young (and middle aged!) adults, doing things they had no idea could be done on their computers! Anyway, he demonstrated FaceTime for me and also showed me and his daddy how to do a screen capture. I don't remember how he did it. This photo is from the screen capture.

I'm proud of my son, and of all of my children!

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