22 February 2011

Our Arms That Day

Now I come to you,
With empty arms,
Our baby's all gone,
I feel so alone.

They took her from me,
From my waiting arms,
To go back to Heaven
Instead of our home.

The angels wait for her,
With open arms,
They welcome her back,
Oh God! Please take me on!

You reach out to me,
With loving arms,
And hold me so close,
Show me I'm not alone.

With tears in your eyes,
And me in your arms,
We let her go,
But we are not alone.

Written 17 January 1998 in memory of our daughter, Dorian, stillborn at 20 weeks.

Please visit this website to learn about an organization that creates lasting memories for parents facing infant loss:    Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

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