29 September 2018

Press Release: New Atlas Traces Chickasaw History Through Maps

New Atlas Traces Chickasaw History Through Maps
Chickasaw ATLAS Cover

A new atlas from Chickasaw Press brings together a collection of more than 150 maps and images that trace the trajectory of the Chickasaw Nation from contact to the present day.

A Chickasaw Historical Atlas by Stanley Nelson, begins with a 1723 deerskin map presented to early American colonists by Chickasaw leader Fani' Minko', providing fascinating insight into the intricate geopolitical concepts of eighteenth-century Chickasaws. Throughout the text Nelson’s insightful commentary gives context to the maps, which range from the earliest non-native explorations of the North American continent to modern-day maps produced by the Chickasaw Nation’s GeoSpatial Information Department. A Chickasaw Historical Atlas clearly demonstrates a Chickasaw awareness of place and their sense of relationship with the land throughout their history.

“Maps, and even ones not crafted by Chickasaws, have been an important part of our people's history. ... Maps have revealed much about us in our lands, just as often as they have denied our presence or influence, undeniable as it was,” Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby writes in the atlas’s foreword.

Stanley Nelson is senior staff writer for Chickasaw Press and a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. He joined the Chickasaw Press staff in 2010, after spending thirty years as a manager, editor, and columnist for newspapers and other media-related enterprises in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arkansas. He is the author of Toli: Chickasaw Stickball Then and Now, which was released by Chickasaw Press in 2016. His work has appeared in The Journal of Chickasaw History and Culture and Chokma: Chickasaw Magazine, and he has contributed text for a number of other Chickasaw Press titles. He studied journalism at Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Nelson lives in Ada, Oklahoma.

For more information, contact Chickasaw Press at (580) 436-7282 or chickasawpress.com.

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