11 September 2017

2017 September Challenge: Back Where I Come From – Day 11

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11. Were there a lot of churches in your hometown? What about where you live now?

Yes, there were churches everywhere back home.  There aren’t nearly as many here in this little Texas town where we live now.

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  1. Nice to remember a time which seems simpler, isn't it? I wonder, though, if it truly was?
    Please come by to link up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/09/pop.html

    1. I don't know that times were actually simpler back then. They just seemed so because most of the worries were on my parents. Now, I get to be the grown up and have the adult worries. :)

      Thanks for posting your link here.

      Have a blessed evening.

  2. There seem to be a lot of churches everywhere.

    1. I remember as a little girl, it seemed there were churches on every street corner. You could be at one church and see the steeple of the next one. :)

      Have a blessed weekend.


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