17 June 2017

Product Review: DVD Teletubbies: Bubbles

Teletubbies: Bubbles

We received a review copy of Teletubbies: Bubbles free of charge for the purpose of writing this review.

Teletubbies: Bubbles is a DVD which contains six all-new episodes of the Teletubbies.  This series appears to be targeted towards very young children like 2-5 years old or so.

Teletubbies: Bubbles is very cute and sweet.  In one of the episodes, there is a very funny part where a periscope speaker sounded to wake up the Teletubbies.  It was an imitation of a rooster.  This rooster had a British accent.

Teletubbies: Bubbles is the kind of DVD a parent or other caretaker can pop in to play while they take care of other things.  Every part of the DVD is kid-friendly.

Adults will probably not enjoy the DVD themselves because they are very repetitive and predictable. However, parents will want to play the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes feature with their kids. It could be a very fun part of the DVD.

This is the first DVD in the series.  Parents, grandparents, and others will want to give their favorite child a copy of the Teletubbies: Bubbles DVD and let them have fun.

Just make sure you have some round bread and squeeze margarine in the house so you can make Tele-Toast. I am sure your young‘uns will request it.

We give it all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars.  Young children probably will, too.


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  1. You have just made my day. I love Teletubbies ( I even have a stuffed Laa Laa). I have been getting the old episodes from the library and couldn't find any dvds for sale for my great niece. I am so happy I can buy her this now- plus she loves bubbles.

    1. I'm glad to have made your day, Ellen. :) I like the names Laa Laa and Po. I am not sure how to spell their version of Po. Poe is the name I have for one of the blackbirds that lives here. :)

      Bubbles are great fun. I love them, too. :) There is a huge bubble wand shown in the video. I have no clue where one would get something like that, maybe Amazon, but it was the biggest bubble wand I'd ever seen.

      Have a blessed day!


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