05 May 2017

Press Release: A Little Bit of Grace, A Spiritual Memoir by Divine Grace Buszka

In “A Little Bit of Grace, A Spiritual Memoir,” Divine Grace Buszka reveals true stories that prove the world is filled with magic and mystery – if you are willing to open your eyes on the roller coaster and just let go. Follow her journey through depression, financial collapse, motherhood and finding faith through self-awareness. Divine Grace’s practical and enlightening stories will inspire readers to move beyond fear to embrace the world with joy and curiosity.

From the dust jacket:

What would life be like if you had total faith in your instincts?
If you knew they were the direct line to Source, Divinity, God?
And that to learn to listen to them would align you with your happiest and most fulfilling life?

In A Little Bit of Grace, Divine Grace Buszka shares her lifelong quest to attain such knowledge and faith.

From a dramatic birth in a typhoon-whipped, rural town in the Philippines, to San Diego and to the South of France, we ride with Divine Grace on the rollercoaster of awareness and denial of one’s own power. Returning to what is essential – Self Love – guides her spiritual journey. In this “coming-of-wisdom” memoir, peppered with insight, we come to understand, “You cannot learn to love yourself if you’re unwilling to know yourself.”

Through stories of everyday life and out-of-this-world magic, we explore the duality of living as a spiritual being having a raw, human experience. Only by embracing this paradox does one reach ascension and enlightenment.

In reading A Little Bit of Grace, you will be greatly inspired by the lesson that you need only to look within. 

About the author: Divine Grace Buszka is a spiritual teacher, life coach, and energy healer. Her
life-long passion is spirituality and self-awareness. She hopes to empower others to live a life of
fulfillment and joy by transforming one’s self from being in a state of fear to a state of love. 

A Little Bit of Grace will be released on May 31.  Starting May 31, it will be available free on Kindle for three days.

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