05 May 2017

Book Review: Impartial: A Journey Through the Acts of the Apostles 1-10


Impartial: A Journey Through the Acts of the Apostles 1-10

By Audrey Lupisella

We were given a copy of the book Impartial: A Journey Through the Acts of the Apostles 1-10 so that we might review it.  Somehow, it just seems wrong to give a poor review to a Bible study book.  However, if we are honest with our readers, and ourselves, we must.
If one is to write a Bible study, they should have a keen grasp of what the Bible says and does NOT say.  The author repeatedly speaks of Saul being renamed Paul.  This never happened.
Saul was always also known as Paul.  Both names are the same.  In Acts 13:9 Luke says Saul, who is ALSO called Paul.  Just like Peter is also called Cephas.  They both are the same name just different translations.  Both mean “Rock”.
When a Biblical scholar insists that something happened that the Bible does not say happened, it is difficult to believe they are credible in anything else.
The author states that the widows chose the seven.  But the Bible does not say that.  It says that the Grecian Jews complained because their widows were being overlooked in the distribution of food.  The Twelve said, “Brothers, choose seven men from among you” clearly, they were not addressing the widows.
If the author gets simple things incorrect, or reads something into the Bible that is not stated in the Bible, how are we to feel confident that she is not wrong on other issues?
Most of the information is correct and the author’s style is easy to read and follow, so we give Impartial three stars.  If the author stuck with what the Bible does say and did not veer off into things that are commonly believed the Bible says, Impartial would be a much better book.

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