28 July 2016

Word-High July: Halakhak

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Years ago, when I was pregnant with our first child, I worked at David's daddy's store. It was the Western Auto in Iva, South Carolina. Generally, I am painfully shy and introverted. Sometimes, however, I surprise everybody, including myself.

I was as big around as a barn during this pregnancy. A first baby will stretch you in ways that you didn't know you could be stretched. I was rounder than I was tall. David's daddy, who I called 'Papa Bruce' came to the customer service counter looking for a part that he needed for a customer. I was working the back counter that morning.

Papa said to me, "Su-dee-lou, is there a diaphragm back there?"

The devil must have gotten a hold of me, because I got a huge smile on my face and words that were not my own came out of my mouth.

I said to him, while pointing at my very pregnant belly, "Papa, if I had a diaphragm, I wouldn't be in THIS condition!" Then, I burst into total, uncontrollable laughter as did several of the people around me.

Papa Bruce was red as a beet and, if I remember correctly, speechless.

To this day, this story still makes me laugh, remembering the look on his face when shy Su-dee-lou hopped out of her shell for a moment of fun.

I don't know if he ever found that diaphragm either. Haha

Here is a video of David telling this story.

Please be sure to read David's post over at Random Thoughts and Observations.

Please also visit our hostess Rosema at Word-High July.

Disclaimer: These Filipino word images are from an article by Isabelle Laureta on BuzzFeed titled
36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language”. All credit goes to them.


  1. Replies
    1. I guess that was my 15-minutes of fame. haha

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I was pretty proud of myself for it. haha

      David said it was so effective because I was such a quiet person and no one would have expected this kind of thing from "Serious Suzie" back then.

      Have a blessed day!


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