28 July 2016

Throwback Thursday

Davey at IAH headed back to Japan, 5 July 2015

This photo was taken on 5 July 2015 at the IAH airport. Davey had been home for a visit, but had to return to Japan.  We have not seen him since then. It will be sometime next year before we get to see him again. This was one of the hardest photos that I have ever taken.  Each time we tell him good-bye is harder than the last.

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  1. That is a long time to go without seeing your son. Very nice photo, he is a handsome guy. I am sorry I forgot to join throwback Thursday this week, we will join next week.

    1. Yes, a very long time. It seems like forever to me.

      Thank you. I think he's pretty cute myself. Heavenly Father blessed us with beautiful babies. :)

      The linky for Throwback Thursday is open until next Wednesday night. You can still join if you want to; no worries. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing your post next Thursday. Thank you!

      Have a blessed day. :)

  2. Replies
    1. {{{Hugs back}}} Thanks, Debby. Have a blessed day. :)


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