31 July 2016

Reflecting on a Month of Beautiful Filipino Words

Butterfly on Davey's Finger, ©2004-2016 Suzanne G. McClendon

This month was quite an adventure! For thirty days, we were blessed with beautiful words from the Filipino language. We were challenged to share what these words meant to us through our writing, poetry, photography, art…however we chose to express it.

My favorite word out of the entire list of thirty was "tinatangi". It means "special someone". The word just feels beautiful and brought to mind the special someones that have graced my life. The saddest word on the list for me was "pahimakas".  It means "last farewell" and brought tears to my heart as I thought of my daddy.

It was a challenge to create a post for every day of the month, respond to comments on the two blogs where I posted, as well as comment on the posts of others. It was a challenge, but it was exciting. I knew the days wouldn't be boring. I often wondered if I would make it through the month, but couldn't imagine it ending either.

Now, it has ended and August is fast upon us.

Thank you to Rosema for hosting this challenge and to all of you that made this journey with us.

Have a blessed day!

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