18 June 2016

Saturday 9 - 18 June 2016

Saturday 9: Papa, Don't Preach (1986)

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) Madonna has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. Do you have any of her songs on your iPod/mp3 player/phone?

No, I don't have any of Madonna's music stored anywhere that I know of, aside from the memory banks of my brain.

2) When she first arrived in New York in search of fame and fortune, Madonna supported herself by working at Dunkin' Donuts. What did you order last time you were at Dunkin' Donuts?

Probably a cream filled donut with a powdery outside. I love the ones with the chocolate cream. I don't care for those with chocolate frosting, however.

3) Madonna and her first husband, Sean Penn, ended their marriage on New Year's Eve, 1988. Sam's New Year's Eves are never that dramatic. What about you? Do you have any vivid New Year's Eve memories you'd like to share?

The last New Year's Eve that stands out to me was when 2012 was turning things over to 2013. We've brought in the new year together as a family from the beginning. This particular New Year's Eve, David had been re-admitted to the hospital. A nurse came buffaloing into the room just as the clock struck midnight. I missed seeing the ball drop on the screen, but I didn't miss our happy New Year first kiss. Barely two months before, he had almost died because of a necrotic toe. We were blessed to have him still with us.

4) Madonna admits she suffers from brontophobia, aka the fear of storms. Are you scared of thunder and lightning?

Not at all! I love storms. In fact, we are storm chasers and love to go out into the midst of storms.

5) Onstage during the 2015 Coachella fest, Madonna shocked the audience by planting a kiss square on the lips of much-younger rapper Drake. What's something that surprised you recently?

Waking up to a stroke in the house was somewhat of a surprise. I can't say that it was entirely because during the night before, I had looked over at David and the thought popped into my head, "I hope he doesn't have a stroke." This thought being in my head was a surprise and then a freak out moment when we woke up the next morning and he *was* in the midst of the first of three strokes.

6) More recently, Madonna was at the center of a controversy because Prince fans didn't like her tribute at the Billboard Music Awards. They made themselves heard on social media. Was your last Facebook post or Tweet positive or negative?

My last Tweet was positive, I think. I know it was something that I got from a Christian blog post.

7) One of the things Sam's papa preaches about is car maintenance. He reminds her to check her car's air filter regularly, because a dirty filter can reduce mileage. Share your own car maintenance tip with us.

If you have kitties in your neighborhood, always check under the hood before you crank up! Also, check your tires before you pull out of your driveway and add air as necessary.

8) When she was growing up, Sam's father was often away on business. He always remembered to bring back the complimentary shampoos, conditioners and lotions from the hotels where he stayed. When will you next stay in a hotel (or motel, bed-and-breakfast or Airbnb room)?

There are no immediate plans to be travelling, so no hotel stays in the near future.

9) To celebrate Father's Day, Sam is giving away her father's favorite candy: LifeSavers. Would you prefer a roll of Wild Cherry, Butter Rum, Winter Green or Peppermint?

I would prefer either Wild Cherry or Butter Rum.

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Have a blessed day!


  1. I am finding your blog for the first time on the Summer Road Trip. Love the name of your blog and why. It is a great effort. Congratulations. This June I have been writing a series of posts about summertimes when I was growing up to help remind others what summer was once about. Let me know what you think if you have time to drive by.

    1. Thank you, Stepheny, for the kind words and stopping by here. I will be sure to check out your series. It sounds fun.

      Have a great day!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Terri, for stopping by and commenting. I hope you have a great day!

  3. My friend John just spent several days in the hospital with a necrotic toe. I learned first hand how serious it can be!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your friend, Sam. Did he have to have his toe amputated, too? Is he also a diabetic? I hope that his recovery goes well, whatever they had to do to him.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day!


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