24 September 2015

An Update on Xerxes

We went to visit our Xerxes a little while ago at the vet's office/hospital. He is much improved over yesterday, but not out of the woods yet. We got lots of nuzzles and purrs from him. :)

They gave him a blood transfusion from a girl kitty...I told him that it was okay. He wouldn't turn into a girl. He wasn't impressed!

His hematocrit was at 5 when we took him in and his temperature was 9 degrees lower than it should be. A cat's temp should be 101.5 and his was 92.4. He was one cold baby. He is severely anemic. His platelets were basically non-existent. He was considered bottomed out across the board and pretty much not expected to make it through the afternoon. But, he had a very positive response to the transfusion and has started eating again. Whereas he couldn't even lift his head when we took him in yesterday, he was up sniffing around and being a curious kitty today. He is eating again. Still not a lot, but way more than he has been eating over the last week.

He gets to come home tomorrow afternoon unless there is a negative turn. We do not know how long we will have him with us here on this earth. We're hoping for a long, normal kitty lifespan, but without the suffering that he has endured in this acute episode of onset.

Thank you for continued prayers!

Please help us save Xerxes.


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    1. Thank you, Denise. We appreciate your prayers very much. Have a blessed night!


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