09 October 2014

31 Days in the Moment - A Beautiful Day

9 October 2014

Today started off beautifully! I was greeted by both the sun and the moon. Thankfully, it was the moon that I was driving toward on my way to take Maggie to school, but the sun was there to share the drive on the way back. It was blinding! It has remained a beautiful day, but it sure got hot. It was 99 degrees at one point. I sure long for the cooler temps of South Carolina.

We took David, Jr., to the local college to visit with some more of his former teachers. He also made use of the fitness center while he was there. When we picked him up, we ran a few short errands and then headed down to Bay City for him to visit with the Marine recruiter that he enlisted under. This is about 35 or so miles away. Just as we were driving about city center, he got a text from the recruiter that he wasn't going to be in his office today. Oh well, it was a nice drive anyway.

We headed back into town and then went to a little town about 15 miles away in the other direction just for a little more of a ride, so that he could see places that he hadn't seen in about four months. While driving, I practiced using the cruise control. I have never been comfortable totally giving control over to the car, but I am even less comfortable with a speeding ticket and the power-tripping officers that give them, even when they are going faster than you are. Thankfully, in approximately 30 years of driving, I've only ever had one speeding ticket. Unfortunately, it was in this town…and I wasn't speeding to the degree that he said I was. I was going 35 in an unmarked 30mph zone. He ticketed me for going 41mph. OY!

Then, it was time to get Maggie from school. We arrived about 20 minutes early and then she was an hour late finishing rehearsal. Davey treated us all to ice cream at Sonic after she was done with her rehearsal. I had a banana split. I tried to photograph it, but at 90+ degrees, that just didn't work out too well. David had a banana milk shake. Maggie and Davey had Oreo-Chocolate milk shakes.

We came back to the house and I made my version of Cracker Barrel's biscuits. They got positive reviews. I am glad of that. I've been practicing off and on over the summer in hopes of having them perfected by the time Davey returned on boot leave. Maybe the biscuits aren't perfect, but the responses they have received have been perfect in my opinion. :)

While I cooked the biscuits and battled a dying oven in the process, David, Sr., continued to work on the scratching post that he is building for Xerxes. The kitty doesn't have it figured out yet, but he will in time. For now, he still prefers using the speakers on the television as his scratch toy.

Overall, it has been a wonderful day. This time together is passing far too quickly.

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