31 March 2014

Update on Braden and Zach

Zach was a trooper this morning as they removed bone marrow from him to transfuse into his little brother Braden. He is in recovery and smiling. YAYAY Zach!

Braden will receive his transfusion at 12:30pm Central Time. Deliece, their mother, is requesting that we all join together and "send Braden and Zach positive thoughts, prayers, hope, whatever your heart leads you to do?" (Deliece's words).

When we all pray together, miracles happen. Let's pray a miracle for these boys!

Here is the link to Braden's CaringBridge page: Braden Hofen

Thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Denise. I haven't seen an update since Braden was transfused. Please continue the prayers. He is going to have to be in isolation for at least 100 days after this transfusion.


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