04 January 2014

Saturday Stories: Behind the Wheel

When I was a young teenager, probably around thirteen years old or so, my mama and I had a nasty argument. Those were not rare occasions during my teen years. We just never really saw eye-to-eye on anything.

I don't remember what started this particular argument, but somewhere along the way I told her that I could drive better than she could. She took me out to the car so that I could show her just how much better at it I was than she was. The first thing I did once we were seated was to ask her what I was supposed to do first. Bear in mind that I was still too short to reach the pedals in that car (an old Cadillac), so even if I had known exactly what to do like my sassy mouth had indicated earlier, I couldn't have done a thing about it!

She was always really good at putting me in my place back then.

Later that night, my mama caught me as I was heading out the back door of the house. She asked where I was going. I told her that I was going out to drive the car. It's a good thing that she caught me when she did - I was sleepwalking!

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