04 January 2014

Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

One of the greatest purchases we ever made was our Amazon Prime account. For only $79 plus tax per year, we get 2-day shipping from Amazon completely free. We do not have to make a minimum purchase of $25 to get it.

There is more. Included free with Prime is the Amazon Lending Library. We love our Kindle. With the Amazon Lending Library, we get to borrow one book for free each month, absolutely free. We can keep it as long as we want. It never expires.

Our Kindle is great. Suzanne has downloaded over 9,000 books (approximately) absolutely free. Lots of great classics are available free and sometimes authors, like us, will offer books free in the Kindle format for a limited time only.

You can also use your Kindle, or free Kindle reader app, to borrow books from your library. I borrow many books from the Wharton County Library all for free.

One of the great things about the Amazon Prime Account is that you can watch thousands of movies and television shows absolutely free any time you want. Amazon Prime Instant Video allows you to stream free content to your P.C. or Kindle (you can even use your Roku or Internet-ready television) anytime you like. This service is unlimited.

By now, you are probably wondering: Where do I sign up? Follow this link to sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial: Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trials.

DISCLOSURE: If you choose to take advantage of this free trial or purchase the Kindle from our site, we will receive a commission on the transaction.

Warmest Regards in Christ
David and Suzanne

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