13 January 2014

Monday Morning Musings

I have been reading in a devotional book titled Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms. It is devoted to mothers who sometimes feel a loss of identity and value as they live life as someone's mother or someone's wife. It shows us that we are still a person of value to the One that created us, even when we seem to be otherwise ignored or disregarded. He knows who we are and has a desire for us to know Him.

Each devotional is short; moms are busy folks! Each devotion has something to ponder as well as scripture references to further drive home the point of the devotion.

Do you read a daily devotional?

Please share the name of the one that you are using in the comment section. Maybe the one that you're reading is just the one another person out there needs to read to feel whole and closer to Him.


  1. I admire women who stick to a morning devotion. This is something I need to commit to in 2014. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. You're welcome, Cathy, and thank you for your kind comment. I've only recently started doing a daily devotion. I hope that I will be able to keep it up. Maybe we can make sure that both of us stay on track. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!


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