12 January 2014

I Am an Expert at...?

If you could be an expert of anything, what would it be?

Family Tree ©2014 Suzanne G. McClendon
I would want to be a Master Genealogist. I have always had a love for history and that extends to family history. If I can see where my family fits into the scheme of things, that makes it mean even more to me. I would love to be able to help other people research their family histories and find their places in world history.

The more I research and see my family's place in this country's history, and the histories of other countries, the smaller this world seems. We're all connected, one big family. None of us are little peas in a big pod. We all make a difference.

So, what would you want to be the master of?

I'd love to see your responses in the comment section or a link to your own blog posts answering this question.


  1. Great question! But its not that I want to be an expert, its like I wanna know ALL about the things that interests me...and these days it is the art that make my creativ juices flowing...My mother also loooves to know more about all the family history...but sadly that is not my thing these times...that doesn´t mean that it will be very interesting later ;) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

    1. Thank you, Conny.

      One thing that I find very important to share with people regarding family history: I urge you to talk to your family members while you still have them. There will come a time that it is too late...you will want to know, but they won't be here to answer the questions that you will have. I could kick myself every time I think about the times that my grandparents tried to share their stories with me and I didn't fully listen. Now, they are gone and no one can tell me the stories that were theirs alone to tell.

      There are fewer and fewer of my older relatives to talk to these days and so I'm having to reconstruct their stories through records such as birth/death/marriage records, newspaper articles, and pictures that I have been blessed to find on genealogy sites. This is the way that I need to do it now, but the best way would have been to write down the things that my grandparents tried to share with me when I was a child.

      Please don't let this time pass you by. Now is the time to talk to them, record/video your visits with them...that way you'll have their voices to hear when they can no longer talk. And when you feel the sound of their voice slipping from your memory, you can play the recording and have that moment again. I wish that I had been able to do this. A camcorder would be a wonderful thing to have with you when you visit. Maybe they would like for you to video them. :)

      Sorry to ramble on...it is just a very passionate subject for me.

      Like you, I'd love to know more about art, too! I think that it is exciting. I also think that it is funny that my most favorite types of paintings are totally opposite of the style of my own art. You'd think that my own art would copy that which I enjoy the most. Weird, isn't it?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!


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