20 October 2013

Update on David

Thank you to all of you that have been praying for David. He is home from the hospital now. We know that it is a matter of when, not if, he will be in there again, but for now he is home.

His foot ulcer seems to be healing nicely. The last time the doctor saw it, he was really pleased with how it was looking.

So, he is doing better and some other things seem to be looking up for us, too. Thank you for continued prayers for David's health and our family.

I am working on a series of images titled "Kindred Spirits" that are a reflection of our time at the hospital. The final images are taken from pictures that I took around the hospital and altered drastically in Photoshop. They are being altered because nothing at that hospital was as it appeared on the surface.

The people, for the most part, were nice, but some of them had no business being in the health care field at all. One of them did something that could have put David into full cardiac arrest. But, that is for another post, another day. He is home and improving and I thank Heavenly Father for that and for hearing your prayers.

Have a blessed week, all of you!

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