15 August 2013

#Gratitude Challenge Day 1

I came across an interesting challenge recently. As usual, I am late to the party, but I want to do this anyway. So, I'm going through the topics that I've missed already and back dating the posts so that they will be on the proper dates for the challenge. Eventually, I will catch up...hopefully before the challenge is over!

This is a 14-day gratitude challenge. You can read more about it here: Personal Excellence.

Day 1:  Ten Things that I'm Grateful for in My Life

 1. A roof over our heads

 2. A car to get us where we need to go and the ability to drive it

 3. The memory of my grandparents and their siblings who blessed me with their love and whom I loved very much

 4. The strong women who came before me and made me the strong woman that I am

 5. The opportunity for our children to go to college and to pursue their dreams

 6. The opportunity to write what is on my heart and people that care enough to read it

 7. The love of two daddies, my own and my husband's, and for the time that I had them in my life...though it was over far too soon

 8. Teachers who were willing to buck the system to stand up for their personal beliefs

 9. Teachers and friends who saw potential in me even when I couldn't see it myself

 10. A Heavenly Father that loves me and will never leave me


Daily Journaling: Three Things I am Thankful for Today

 1. I am thankful for Spanky, Weezer, Stymie and the rest of Our Gang and all the laughs that they bring.

 2. I am thankful for the opportunity to have a blog and people that want to read it.

 3. I am thankful for a slower pace for the moment.


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