06 September 2012

Genealogy Frustrations and Finds

I have been searching online for a while for the death certificate of one of my great-grandfathers, Julius Jared Pressley. He died in 1958 in South Carolina. Once a person has been dead for fifty years in South Carolina, their death records are available to the general public. So, Grandpa Pressley is within this time frame, but no luck finding his death certificate online.

However, I did find something that I wasn't expecting to find or even really looking for at this point - his birth certificate. OK, technically it is a delayed birth certificate done some years after he was born and not one actually done at the time of his birth. I'm fine with that. He was born long before official birth certificates were required having been born in 1882. It became a requirement to file birth and death certificates on 1 January 1915 in South Carolina.

South Carolina DHEC
Family Search

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