06 September 2012

Invisible Suz

I haven't been online very much at all lately as you can tell by the date of my last post. OY! Has it really been that long? Much has been happening for our family, the most exciting being that our youngest two children started college last week. Now, all three of our remaining children are in college. Here is the school swallowing my babies:
I have been exercising attempts at creativity on the retail merchandising level, sometimes to the tune of 80+ hours a week. I've been too tired to even remember my name most days! It isn't the path that I had intended for my artistic spirit, but it is an area that can and does make a difference to others and that is what is important, right? It does give me the opportunity to take pictures that I wouldn't ordinarily be able to take. Ice over beer under florescent lighting can make for some interesting pictures to play with in the various Photoshop and various filters. Sometimes people break bottles in the parking lot and the glass shines so pretty that I have to snap it. Here are the remains of a blue bottle in the parking lot.

And this is what I did to it in Photoshop using various filters.

I am having fun taking pictures and altering them to the point of being unrecognizable. Would you have seen broken glass in that last picture? Have a great day!

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