26 September 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 9 - #2

These questions are for the week starting September 20...so I'm way late on this one, so late that I didn't get to do the linky.  I'm hoping that my old lady brain will help me remember to check for the new questions tomorrow. :)


Do you have pierced ears?

Yes, I have pierced ears. I have one piercing in each ear. However, I do not wear earrings anymore. They give me a headache, as does most jewelry worn around or on one's head.

Do you have a porch?

Not really. What we have is just an on-grade slab of concrete a little narrower than a regular sidewalk. It is definitely not rocking chair friendly.

If you could have a wish for someone you know, what would that be?

Several things come to mind:

I would wish for my husband to be healed from diabetes and the complications that have come from that. It is my always-prayer.

I would wish for my children's dreams to come true.

I would wish for a new car for my Sis. It is what I am praying for Heavenly Father to bless her with.

There are less than 100 days to Christmas. Have you started shopping yet or doing anything to prepare?

No, not one single thing. There just hasn't been the money this year to work with. We'll be together and that is the important thing. If we're able to do anything further, that will be even better.

What song is going through your head lately? If you aren't being pestered by a particular song, then what are you likely to sing or hum while you work?

The song "A Dozen Red Roses" by Tammy Graham has been my 'ear-worm' this week. It is a sad song about a girl that gets a dozen roses on her wedding day. She reads the card and sees that they are from her daddy. He died when she was a little girl. Here is the video:

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