18 July 2011

Memory Mondays: Senior Moments

My senior year, like most, was a year of excitement mixed with apprehension. All I had known for twelve years straight was going to school. I didn't think that I would ever graduate...that was a hundred years away! So, I never really gave too much thought to what would happen beyond that.

I was engaged already. David proposed to me mid-way through 11th grade. I knew the plan was to get married, but like graduation day, it seemed like so far away that it would never happen.

I spent the last week of 12th grade bawling my eyes out. I had looked forward to school finally being over, but then when faced with it, faced with the unknown, I was scared and missed the familiar before it was even completely behind me.

David and I talk a lot about old songs and his senior year. I decided to look back and see what songs were popular during 1983, the year that I graduated, the year that I turned 18. Here are a few:

Every Breath You Take by the Police. This song gave me chills, but I couldn't resist listening to it. It was the background music during the kidnap scenes on All My Children. As I recall, Brooke English was held hostage by the man that would later play Q on Star Trek.

Little Red Corvette by Prince. Ahh this song paints so many pictures!

1999 by Prince. This song was cool. It was the end of an era and we'd lived to be a part of it. :)

Baby Come to Me by Patti Austin and James Ingram and Separate Ways by Journey were added to the list of "our songs".

There were so many others. Which songs from your senior year stand out most for you? Please share!

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