10 May 2011

Writing Challenge: To My Love

Please visit this site to find all sorts of writing challenges:
Brennie's Dreamscape

The challenge that I am using for this post is:

Dreaming of You

The challenge was to write a letter to a missed loved one.


Dear Sexy Eyes,

I wish that you were here with me as I write this. I sit and try to remember the great times that we used to have. It is a struggle. Those great times were so long ago and have gotten lost in the shuffle of hurt and life. And I can't remember.

I want to hold you, love you, like I used to. I want to know that you love me, too, warts and all. I want the happy, smiling, excited, passionate days of our youth. I want the fear to go away. I want to know what you know, and know that you will always be here.

I need you to love me, but even in my dreams, my nightmares, you are leaving me. My heart is aching and I can't express it without causing more pain, more anger.

I love you, through all the bad, through all the good; that has never changed. Even if I wanted to stop, I can't stop loving you.

Please love me.

With all my love,

Your S.


  1. Hello, I wrote about this post too on my blog. Please do come and check it out through this link. It's the same link that I left in your other blog.

  2. @Cher Cabula

    Thank you, Cher! I appreciate this so very much. I am sorry to take so long to respond to this comment here, but I did visit your site and saw (and commented on) your post concerning my blogs. Thank you so much!


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