25 April 2011

Second Chances and Freedom

Life…as I see it

I have the intention of joining a photography challenge called "One Little Word Captured".

We choose a word that is our word for the year and share our progress in photographs.

The word that most fits me at this point in my life is really a phrase: Second Chances. These second chances also bring with them the freedom to be the woman that I am meant to be. Part of being the me that I am meant to be is accepting the me that I am.

So, the word that I choose as my word for 2011 is "Freedom".

Please visit Jill's blog for a more detailed description of this photography challenge.


  1. Hi Suzanne. Welcome to OLW Captured! Great word for 2011.

  2. @jillconyers

    Thanks, Jill. It will be an interesting adventure. :)


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