26 April 2011

Project Life Tuesday: April 19-25, 2011

Here is my submission of the week for Project Life Tuesday, which I found on The Mom Creative blog. It is a journey to chronicle our lives in pictures. What fun!

This past week was super-busy, and not much in the way of photos to show for it. Here are a few that I snapped along the way.

The first photo was taken at the local museum. They have various types of large machinery outside, some for cotton and some having to do with sulphur. This is the turning wheel from one of those. I cannot remember the name of the machine.

The second photo is one of the last bluebonnets hanging on at the Catholic church in East Bernard, Texas. This church has a pretty prayer garden and chapel.

The third photo is another shot from our visit to Myra's Garden in Bay City, Texas. It was fun seeing all of the pretty flowers.

The fourth photo was taken just outside of Eagle Lake, Texas during our 250 or so mile trek Thursday. We try to gang our jobs by towns/areas, but some days we end up in completely opposite directions, one place being nowhere near the other. This was the case that day.

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