17 May 2018

Guest Post: How Christianity Can Help You Overcome Addiction

The following is a guest post from Sharon Torres.


How Christianity Can Help You Overcome Addiction

There’s no doubt addiction has a stronghold on many lives in America these days. From the youth to middle-aged to senior citizens, plenty of people are struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, and more. It’s quite disheartening to say the least, but still, there’s always hope when you begin looking in the right direction.

Willpower isn’t normally enough to break the grip of addiction in one’s life. Most people cannot “will” themselves out of addiction, as there are real changes that occur in the brain chemistry of an addict. The drug(s) alter the way the neurochemicals act in the brain, and this can easily change the way you think.

For example, let’s say you’re addicted to alcohol. You may want to quit drinking, but your brain is telling a different story. You know alcohol is causing you problems, but your brain has been hijacked. It’s been rewired in a way that makes it think it NEEDS alcohol to survive, making it challenging for you to up and quit using willpower.

How Christianity Can Help You Beat Addiction

While there are various paths to recovery from addiction, Christianity is certainly a path that has freed many people from their drug of choice. By Christianity, I mean the path of following the ways of Jesus Christ, leaning on Him (and thus, God) for freedom from addiction.

Here are 4 keys to getting free from any addiction following the path of Christianity:

Admit That You’re In Over Your Head

The first step of the 12 Step groups talks about admitting one is powerless over their drug of choice. This admission is necessary. Admit to yourself and God that you’re not able to quit your drug of choice on your own. Admit that you need God’s help and consider telling those closest to you, such as your spouse or best friend.

Let go and Let God

Once you’ve admitted your addiction to God, asking for help, let go and let God begin working. It’s not always easy to give up your power or control, but God needs you to do this, so He can begin orchestrating the changes you desire in your life. If you’re struggling to let go, ask God to help you. Make prayer a daily habit, talking to God from your heart. There’s no right or wrong way to approach God, so just take the time to communicate with Him as often as you can. He wants a relationship with you.

Reach Out To Others For Help

Community is important, as the connections you can make with others can help you begin to heal and keep you from going back to your addiction. Some people find support groups helpful in their recovery efforts, such as the 12 Step groups Alcoholics Anonymous. There are 12 Step groups available for many addictions, including drugs, porn, sex, gambling, and more. Many people find support through attending a local church too. If you’re not attending a church, perhaps you can visit several churches in your area to see what resonates with you. Some churches have a support group called Celebrate Recovery, which helps people manage or overcome various addictions. Be sure to check if there is a group in your community.

Seek Christian Drug Rehab Centers

If you desire to attend a drug rehab center, check around for a Christian rehab. There you’ll be able to undergo drug treatment that is built upon a Christian foundation. You’ll also meet others who may have the same type of religious beliefs you have, and quite possibly make a friend or two.

Christianity and Addiction

If addiction has gotten a stronghold in your life, reach out for help today. Go to God in prayer, but also consider reaching out for face-to-face help via a treatment center, counselor, pastor, or support group. You don’t have to face overcoming addiction alone and there are certainly recovery paths that will help you get free.

God cares for you and is more than willing to direct you to your unique recovery path from any addiction. God’s plan for you is good. Allow Him to breathe new life into you as you begin walking your road to recovery.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Sharon is a freelance writer who relishes a life of recovery.


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