17 April 2018

Press Release: Best Friends Overcome Parental Criticism and Chase Their Dreams

Best Friends Overcome Parental Criticism and Chase Their Dreams
 Author Sabrina Depina Graham shares the power of friendship and following one’s heart

DALLAS (March 12, 2018) – As adults, we expect to encounter obstacles and struggles on the way to fulfilling our goals. Unfortunately, as children are beginning to form their own visions for their future, they may not account for unexpected hindrances. Children’s author Sabrina Depina Graham introduces youngsters to this challenge with “Breanna & Amber: Help Each Other Achieve Their Dreams.”

“Breanna & Amber” introduces readers to two determined dreamers. Breanna is a talented dancer, singer and actress. Amber, wants to become an Olympic athlete. Neither girl has the support of their families as they pursue their passions. With the help of a lovable pet named Bunny, the girls set out on a quest to accomplish their ambitions and convince their parents to endorse their goals. 

“I wrote Breanna & Amber to let children know that there is nothing more important than having a dream and dedicating yourself to this idea” Graham said. “These two ambitious girls are not looking for their Romeo, but something bigger and more fulfilling in life. Their dream is to the best versions of themselves, so they can accomplish all they set out to do”

Breanna & Amber is an inspirational children’s book that encourages kids to believe in themselves, never give up and to always chase after their aspirations. Graham features life-long lessons, making it a must-read for kids of all ages.

“Breanna & Amber: Help Each Other Achieve Their Dreams”
By Sabrina Depina Graham
ISBN: 9781453500439 (hardcover), 9781453500422 (softcover), 9781453500446 (e-book)
Available at  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris

About the author
After earning her master’s in elementary education, Sabrina Depina Graham went on to become a teacher for 10 years. She has also performed in several off-Broadway productions in New York City. Graham is married to her husband, Dr. Andre Graham. Together they have four children.

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  1. Sounds like a good book to encourage older kids.

    1. Thank you. I thought it sounded like a good one, too. I'm waiting now for the review copy.

      Have a blessed night. :)


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