25 April 2018

Book Review: How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning!: If You Want to Increase Your Sales Read This Book. It is That Simple by David R Cook

How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning!: If You Want to Increase Your Sales Read This Book. It is That Simple by David R Cook

We have read countless books on selling. Some of these books were by salespeople recognized the world over as the top salesperson in their field. We have never heard of David R. Cook, until now.

In How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning! Cook provides several of the key ingredients to becoming a top salesperson. The book is easy to read and a very fast read.

We are concerned that it does not contain “The Secret Sauce” of selling. Obviously, Cook knows what he is doing. According to Cook, he has been the number one salesperson in every sales organization he has been in.

There are two things that a salesperson must do in order to have more sales. The first one, Mr. Cook alludes to when he says practice, practice, practice. That key ingredient is get out and see the people.

We have been privileged to observe three of the most successful salespeople in their particular organizations and the one thing that all of them do, and we are sure Mr. Cook does as well, is build rapport.

The three greatest salespeople we have seen, one from NCR, one from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the third from a Fortune 500 company that is in the death industry, is that they never mentioned their product or that they were selling until the potential customer did.

Up to that point, the salesperson was talking about the customer and HIS business or HIS family. Never once was the product even mentioned. We are sure if Mr. Cook analyzed his selling style, he would see that he spends most of his time talking about everything but the product.

We give How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning! all five stars. We think it is very well-written and would be an excellent tool in any salesperson’s toolbox. Grab two copies today. One copy to keep at home on your nightstand and one to keep with you at all other times. Read it and re-read it until the pages fall out. Then, buy more copies. Your sales WILL increase if you use the tools Mr. Cook has given you. But, you must actually use them.

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  1. My niece would enjoy that, she is a sales rep for Merck (pet meds).

    1. How does she like her job? I would never make a good sales rep on that level.

      Have a blessed day.


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