30 January 2018

Press Release: Thumbtack Announces Scholarship Program in Support of the Next Generation of Skilled, Local Professionals

Thumbtack Announces Scholarship Program in Support of the Next Generation of
Skilled, Local Professionals  

SAN FRANCISCO -- JANUARY 30, 2018 -- Thumbtack, the app that finds you a local professional for 
any project, today announced the Thumbtack Pro ​Scholarship, in support of the next generation of local 
skilled professionals pursuing careers in any of Thumbtack’s nearly 1,000 categories including 
plumbers, caterers, personal trainers, math tutors and wedding officiants.

With this scholarship, Thumbtack will award one student $2,500 biannually and is currently accepting 
applications for 2018-2019 school year. High school seniors and undergraduates currently enrolled or 
planning to enroll in undergraduate or vocational program located in the U.S., 18 years old or older, are
 invited to apply at www.thumbtack.com/scholarship.

The application deadline for the Fall 2018 scholarship is June 1, 2018. Winners will be announced in 
June 2018.

Of the professionals currently on Thumbtack, about 82 percent graduated from a vocational, two-year 
or four-year university. With the introduction of this scholarship, Thumbtack hopes to grow this number 
over time. A platform that helps connect customers with local skilled professionals, Thumbtack 
operates in all 50 states and in nearly every county in the United States. Below are the states that are 
the best ranked states for small business owners to run their business. 

For the full rankings, visit www.thumbtack.com/survey.


Top Ten Best-Ranked

1. Wyoming (A+)
2. Delaware (A+)
3. Idaho (A+)
4. Louisiana (A+)
5. Maine (A+)
6. Texas (A+)
7. Utah (A+)
8. Indiana (A+)

1. Boise, ID (A+)
4. Austin, TX (A+)
10. Houston, TX (A-)

Powering the businesses of over 250,000 local professionals per quarter, Thumbtack is already 
one of the largest local services providers in the U.S., offering nearly 1,000 categories, with a 
working professional in every county, except for two, in the U.S. Helping customers complete 
millions of jobs -- from plumbing, to catering, to personal training to math tutoring -- meant well 
over $1 billion in earnings to professionals from Thumbtack customers in 2017.

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