13 January 2018

Instagram Today

“Nursing Home” - Another Name For Hell. Photo Taken 12 January 2018. If you ask a person what they are about to do to your husband and they respond, “Wound care.” And you then ask for further details, and get the very same response of “wound care” with no details, along with an “I’m sorry you don’t understand the answer”, like you’re stupid (when they are not answering the question), loud voices and raised blood pressure (169/106, pulse 115) are bound to follow shortly. Evidently, The Cambridge is going to be as much a test as The Crescent was five years ago. If he didn’t need the IV antibiotics, we’d be gone already! If I don’t blow a gasket here, then I *know* I am bulletproof! #nursinghomessuck #diabetes #diabetessucks

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