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01 August 2017

Press Release: The Owl Approach to Storytelling: Lead with Your Life by Sandy Coletta

The Owl Approach to Storytelling:
Lead with Your Life
From Author Sandy Coletta
Available Now
A How-To Guide for Leadership Storytelling

August 1, 2017 - New York, NY - The Owl Approach to Storytelling: Lead with Your Life, the first book from Sandy Coletta, is available now. Originally published in early 2017, The Owl Approach combines a how-to guide for leadership storytelling with examples of actual stories shared with Coletta's staff at Kent Hospital in Warwick, RI during her tenure as President. The book offers insight into when to use personal stories, where to "discover" those stories and why the moral matters. The Owl Approach is available for purchase now on Amazon, here. For more information on The Owl Approach, please visit: https://www.theowlapproach.com/.

Many leaders have been trained to keep their personal lives and their humanity out of the work setting, but when Sandy Coletta began her role as President of Kent Hospital, she introduced herself through a story about one of her first days of school when she was a child. For the next eight years, her stories became a routine part of the hospital culture. By including a personal anecdote in daily newsletters, Coletta helped create a work environment filled with connectivity between leaders and employees.

With The Owl Approach, Coletta encourages both aspiring and experienced leaders to open themselves up by using their own life stories to enhance employee engagement and achieve organizational goals. Coletta explains, "I hope individuals in leadership positions learn that it is OK to be human and share that humanity with their staff."

Sandy Coletta began her career in accounting and became a CPA in 1982. It didn't take long for her to realize her calling to help those who help others. Soon, she began her healthcare career as an internal auditor for The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI. She remained with The Miriam and was its CFO when the merger with Rhode Island Hospital occurred to create Lifespan.

Coletta filled a number of senior executive roles as the system developed, until 2008 when she left Lifespan to become President of Kent Hospital--a member of Care New England. In 2014, she became the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of that system overseeing the operations of four hospitals. After leading a major cost restructuring effort in 2016, she recommended elimination of her own position and left Care New England in February 2017.

The Owl Approach to Storytelling: Lead With Your Life, the first book from Sandy Coletta, is available now.

"What a wonderful read! Sandy brings together leadership lessons and insights with her heartfelt personal reflections for how to build your own creative style as a successful leader. Her book is easy to read but makes you think at the same time. It gave me some wonderful ideas about how to be human yet professional and very impactful as a leader. I'll be gifting it to others and reading it again and again!" -Kate Goonan, M.D.Managing Director, Navigant Consulting

"How refreshing to read a business book that leads with the human spirit and the importance of stepping back and viewing the situation through the lens of life's experience. The best leaders are those that are both pragmatic and kind - staying focused on the goals of the organization, while saying connected to the real needs of the people they are serving. Through her winning stories and real life exam- ples, Sandy Coletta hits a home run with "The Owl Approach to Storytelling." -Emily Haggman President and Director of Client Services, Haggman Advertising Design and Public Relations, Inc.

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