02 July 2017

Press Release: Learning and Development Books for Kids

Learning and Development Books for Kids

Reading skills are one of the most important and basic set of skills toward your child’s success. It can be a fun and imaginative activity for children and opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.

Here at Offshoot Kids we believe children should have fun when they are learning. Our quirky company produces carefully structured and level-appropriate story-based books that are the perfect stepping stones for 3-5 year-olds. We focus on making learning fun, and keeping children entertained while educating, delighting, and sparking imaginations.

See what books we think you should be reading with your children!

1. That's My First: Three book series - Book of First Words, Book of Animals and Book of Numbers. These books introduce young learners to new words and numbers through rhymes and beautiful illustrations. All the three books are developed as a visual dictionary because what a child sees, he remembers.




2. To Stick is to Learn: Two book series - Amazing Alphabet and Naughty Numbers. In addition to beautiful illustrations and rhymes, these books focus on the concept of learning by repetition. The child sees the same letters and numbers highlighted and used various types and subconsciously internalizes the formation and usage of the letters and numbers.



3. The Un-alphabet Series: Two book series - How I learned My Language and How I learned My Language II. As the name suggests, both the books in this series are developed on the more usable and easily understandable format of learning to write simpler letters first. This series does not take the child through the traditional method of teaching A to Z in that order, but focuses on helping the child form letter stroke by stroke. These books also have quite a few tips for the parents on how to engage the child more productively.



4. The Baa-Baa Series: Two book series - That's How We Say It and I See I Learn. The two books on sight words and phonics are created to introduce the child to basic sounds and words in a systematic manner.



5. Ten Little Stories: This book takes the child from numbers 1 through 10 in rhymes. Each number is given seven pages. The child sees and reads the number
time and again and internalizes it.


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