04 June 2017

Book Review: On the Brink by Andi Simon, PhD

On the Brink
By Andi Simon, PhD

We were sent a review copy of On The Brink so that we might read it and write this review.

If you are in business, any kind of business, you need to be aware of the burgeoning field of business anthropology. Paco Underhill taught us in Why We Buy to pay attention to not only what our customers were buying, but also what went into the decision to buy.

On the Brink takes Why We Buy and kicks it up a notch.  In On The Brink, we are not only concerned with how and why customers make buying decisions, but also helping entrepreneurs and others address change that is taking place and will take place.

On The Brink is well written and well researched. In a way, it is like a mini course in business anthropology. If you are a business owner or executive, you will want to read books like On The Brink and do a lot of Management by Walking Around in your company. Get out there and be the Undercover Boss without having to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

We give On The Brink all five stars with no reservations. It is a good read and an important one, too.

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