29 June 2017

Book Review: FedTelligence 2.0 by Ann Vanderslice

FedTelligence 2.0
by Ann Vanderslice

Most people would rather take a beating than talk about retirement benefits. It can be very complicated.  It is even more complicated if you are a federal employee.

Congress is constantly making “improvements” to the retirement plan for federal employees.  This kind of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo is why the words, “I am from the federal government and I am here to help you” strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans.

It is not the fault of these federal employees. They don’t make the rules; they just have to abide by them.

FedTelligence 2.0 by Ann Vanderslice is here to help.  In this concise book, Vanderslice explains as simply as possible how federal employees can understand their retirement benefits and how to maximize their benefits and not leave money on the table.

Evidently, it is common for federal employees to think they have enough time on the job to qualify, only to find out too late that they only needed a few more days, days that mean a lot to their pension.

If you are a federal employee, you need to read FedTelligence 2.0 before you apply for retirement.

We give FedTelligence 2.0 all five stars.  It makes understanding federal retirement benefits a little easier.  It makes retiring from the federal government a little less complicated.

FTC Required Notice: We were sent a complimentary review PDF copy of FedTelligence 2.0: The ultimate guide to mastering your federal benefits written by Ann Vanderslice for the purpose of writing this review.  There was no cost or obligation for this copy.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

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