06 June 2017

Book Review: A Deadly Game By Gary M. Lepper

A Deadly Game

By Gary M. Lepper

We were sent a review copy of A Deadly Game by the publicist for the purpose of writing this review.

A Deadly Game is interesting and a little mysterious.  But what it isn’t is Christian-friendly.  In fact, we have never seen a book that was less Christian-friendly than this one.

Our blog readers want to know if a book is in keeping with their Christian values.  This one is not.  Never have we seen Heavenly Father’s name used in vain so many times within one book and in so many different ways.

The story is believable.  The characters are developed a little bit.  The main character is developed very well. There is one bad guy who is even likeable, although scary.

Some may like this book.  It could have been an enjoyable read, if it were not for all the profanity and the use of God’s name in vain. We cannot endorse this book and recommend our audience stay away from it.

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    1. Some books kind of make you wish there was brain bleach.

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