20 April 2017

Pet Food Bank - Cause4pawsaz.org - Phoenix, Az

Image from Pixabay.

Pet Food Bank - Cause4pawsaz.org - Phoenix, Az: Many seniors and veterans share their only meal of the day with their pets. If not for Cause4Paws Pet Food Bank many would be surrendered to 'kill' shelters or go hungry.

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  1. I am glad there are places like that. When I donate to our local food pantry, I always add cat food too.

    1. That is a great thing to do, Ellen. Oftentimes people forget that the pets need to be taken care of, too. I think that sometimes people think people down on their luck shouldn't have pets. I think sometimes it is their pets that help them to hang on when the going gets tough for them.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day. :)


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