19 April 2017

Book Review: It's Hard to Swim - Ellie the Weinerdog Series by K. J. Hales

It’s Hard to Swim Ellie the Wienerdog series

By K. J. Hales

It’s Hard to Swim is a cute little children’s book with wonderfully cute illustrations.  It is the story of Ellie the Wienerdog, who starts out talking about how she can’t swim because she has fur and does not have flippers and fins, etc. 
Someone puts a life jacket on her and puts her into the water.  Here is where we have a problem.  Ellie goes through a series of thoughts about not being able to be found, spooky creatures, and more.
We feel that, unless your child is already a swimmer and very familiar with the water and swimming, this might not be the book for your child.
The story turns out all right.  Ellie is thinking about possibly teaching fish to sit.  This is good, but we are concerned with the apprehension that might be stirred up in a child because of Ellie’s fears.
The story is cute and the illustrations are great.  We give It's Hard to Swim three stars.  We caution parents to be careful with children who might be sensitive to Ellie’s fears and might not be able to see that the outcome of the book is positive.

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  1. I always appreciate your honest reviews.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. I always appreciate your kind spirit and your comments here and at McClendon Villa.

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