28 March 2017

Product Review: Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna

Safe Catch sent us a sample pack of their tuna to try out to see what we thought.  The sample pack contained six cans: 1 can No Salt Added, 1 can Salt Added, and 4 cans of Solid Wild Tuna Steak.
The fact that we got a free sample in no way affects what we think of the product.  If we did not like it, we would tell you.  Our regular readers know this by now as we have given some products some really low marks.

The first can we tried was the no salt added.  Suzanne made up a tuna salad and made sandwiches with it.  Unlike your usual tuna, you don’t drain this tuna. This tuna comes packed in its own oil.  Not water, not vegetable oil, but its own oil.

The tuna tasted great.  We enjoyed every mouthful of this tuna.  It did not have a strong fishy smell like you get from some fish. 

Safe Catch says that by hand packing the tuna in its own oil they preserve the natural health benefits of the Omega 3 oils. This means that the health benefits are retained. 

According to Safe Catch, they test each individual fish to determine the mercury levels of that fish. As I understand it, all tuna contains some level of mercury.  Safe Catch reports that their fish has far lower levels of mercury than the FDA regulations require. 

The no salt added variety that we tried first is tested at a standard that is 3 ½ times stricter than the FDA limits.  The Solid Wild Tuna Steaks are tested at a standard that is 10 times stricter than the FDA rules.

We are trying to eat healthier and this is one way to do it.  Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna has all sorts of awards and endorsements from places like Parent’s Magazine and Inc. Magazine.

We like this tuna and think others will like it, too.

Stay tuned for a post containing recipes to use with this tuna!

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