10 March 2017

Press Release: Finding God Anew by Barbara Kudwa

Author’s Spiritual Journey Chronicles Tragedies, Miracles, Counseling, 

and a Reviving Retreat that Led to Forgiveness and a Renewed Relationship with God

In the midst of darkness, finding hope can feel elusive. Finding forgiveness, and extending it to those who have hurt you, can feel impossible.

In her newly published memoir Finding God Anew: How I Fell Away and Returned to God Despite Divorce, Betrayal, and Personal Tragedy, author Barbara Kudwa chronicles the dreams, disappointments, and tragedies that tested her relationship with God and her ability to act upon God’s will instead of her own will.

Stricken with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma after experiencing divorces, a heartbreaking miscarriage, the shocking suicide of a beloved brother, and shattering betrayals, further crippled by the wrenching deaths of her parents, Kudwa reveals how she turned to God and His earthly servants for help.

Through a process encompassing counseling and a reviving retreat, Finding God Anew chronicles how she ultimately experienced the twin blessings of hope and forgiveness and the realization that miracles are real, prayer is powerful, and God never gives up on you. In so doing, she unveils how she finally accepted God’s love and forgiveness, which allowed her relationship with God to flourish and her brokenness, at long last, to heal.

Kudwa comments, “For many years, I felt called by God to write about my spiritual journey, but I kept telling Him there were better stories to be told. God kept putting people by my side to help me. Finally, I realized that my goal in Finding God Anew was to testify to God’s grace and mercy in my life and to help others heal from their brokenness.”

To that end, after expenses have been paid, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Finding God Anew will be directed to help missions such as Christian radio stations, Christ Renews His Parish retreats, and non-profit organizations helping grieving families.

“Barbara Kudwa has penned an inspirational, easy-reading book. She reveals the darkest moments in her life and the role that God played in allowing her to rise above them…Though especially significant to Catholics, it unquestionably will touch the souls of all Christians who have found themselves in the depths of despair. All who read will find it therapeutic in dealing with their most difficult life issues.” ~ Judy Winkel, MSW, ACSW

AUTHOR: Writing a book wasn’t what author Barbara Kudwa had ever dreamed of. She was a financial advisor with past experiences in presenting financial seminars, but being called by God inspired Barbara to write about her spiritual path with the goal of helping others on their own challenging journeys. Finding God Anew explores the trials and tragedies that tested Barbara’s relationship with God. Listening to music on Christian Radio stations and hearing other people’s testimonials touched her heart, and reading the Bible and experiencing miracles, counseling, and a healing religious retreat allowed her to heal. Barbara is available to speak at Christian conferences, retreats, and non­profit events. 

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