24 March 2017

Book Review: Don't Divorce by Diane Medved

This book was given to us in consideration of a review.

This book is not a quick read, nor is it an easy read.  It is a book written by a Ph.D. and it feels like it is written like a textbook in some places. 
 However, that might just be exactly what is necessary to combat all the literature out there that is based upon opinion and made-up statistics. 
As you know, statistically speaking, marriages don’t last.  You have a higher chance of divorcing before you die than you do of staying married the rest of your life, or that of your spouse. Is that really true?
Don’t Divorce offers studies that prove divorce is misrepresented in the media, that it isn’t as common as one may think.
In fact, Don’t Divorce shows that much of what is presented in the media as fact is just plain wrong.  This book not only dispels the myths, it gives the name of the studies that disprove them.
Don’t Divorce offers readers information to help them stay together.  It reminds readers of how the divorce industry thrives on people’s misery and how much potential cost there is, in money and the lives of not only the couple involved, but also their children and other family members.  
We hope that no one reading this is ever faced with the possibility of divorce.  But if there is a possibility, both members of the couple should read Don’t Divorce. 
Don’t Divorce is well-written, and although a slow read, should be read by anyone who has a potential divorce in their future, whether it be their own, or that of someone they love.
We don’t like the subject matter, few would, but we think it is an important book for anyone who has divorce enter their life or the life of a family member or friend.

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