27 February 2017

Book Review: Bankrupt to Six Figures by Snowe Saxman

Bankrupt to Six Figures
Snowe Saxman

We were sent a copy of this book free so that we might review it for our readers. It is our policy to “Call ’em like we see ’em”.  This means that, no matter how we get a product to review, we will give our honest opinion.
Previously, we had been contacted by Mrs. Saxman’s publicist and asked to promote a webinar she was giving.  We found that she had a book available and offered to review it.  Many of our readers asked us, “How did she become bankrupt?”
That question is answered in this very short (only 70 pages) book.  This is not a how-to guide about how to go from being bankrupt to having a six-figure income.  She does give a little insight to that though.
The author tells her readers about her journey from having it all to hitting rock bottom and learning how to climb back to the top.  She tells us a little about the journey and more about the mindset that God gave her along the way.
This book is slanted towards the Christian point of view and she gives us a  little glance at learning how to rely on God.  The author emphasizes God First. 
One thing that struck us is that along the way she has not learned to be humble.  She implies at least twice that she thinks that she is prettier and more talented than most women. 
Upon glancing through the other reviews listed on Amazon, we found that there are 15 reviews and all of them are five stars.  We are sure that these reviewers felt like the book warranted that high of a review.  Unfortunately, we do not share the same opinion.  The most we can honestly give the book is three stars.
The reader will probably prefer the Kindle version Bankrupt to Six Figures. The value for the money in the Kindle version is about right.  The reader may feel like they did not receive their money’s worth if they purchase the more expensive paperback.

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  1. Thanks for your honest review. I think I will just pass.

    1. You're welcome, Paula, and thank you, too, for stopping by and commenting.
      Have a blessed night. :)


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