21 December 2016

Random Suz: Wimpy Suz and a Plea

I hope this post finds you all doing well and excitedly preparing for a Christmas spent with loved ones.

As you all know, on December 12, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.  And, you also may have noticed that the thought of having eye surgery has me in total freak mode. Thankfully, only one eye requires the surgery.  I am already blind in my left eye (since early childhood) and the surgery would not benefit it.

I know my limitations and know that, for the sake of my own sanity and the kneecaps of the ophthalmologist, I need to be put to sleep for this surgery.

So far, all of the ophthalmologists that David has called only do the surgery with local anesthesia, which means I would be awake and fully aware of what they are doing. No good for anyone involved.

Do any of you know of an ophthalmologist in the Houston (TX) area, or the surrounding area, that will do cataract surgery using general anesthesia or, at the very least, twilight sleep?  I've had the twilight sleep before during oral surgery as well as what they did to me after Dorian died.  I was totally unaware of anything until I woke up, unlike the goofy gas the dentist used at times, where I knew what was happening but was too spaced out to care. Note: Goofy gas would not be adequate for dealing with my eyes!

Please, if any of you know of an ophthalmologist that isn't a total sadist that insists on a person being awake for such things, email David or Suzanne.

Thank you for any help that you can offer with this search and also, most especially, for your prayers.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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  1. I worked with cataract patients at the hospital when I worked. None of them were ever put to sleep! Good luck in finding someone who will do what you want them to do! And Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you, Paula. Did any of them ever have a major freak out during the surgery?

      We called an ophthalmologist in a town about 30 miles from here and they do what they called monitored local. They said if a patient exhibits anxiety, they can take it to twilight sleep. I figure, they may as well start that twilighting business before I leave our house. :)

      I am feeling a bit more calm about it now that there's at least hope of a non-sadistic surgeon here. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

      Merry Christmas!


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